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About us

An elegant century-old Gregorian Design establishment is a Fremont historical treasure... ideal place to host any special event. Our theme is "elegance," and our purpose is to provide utmost service and satisfaction for our guests.  Our ballroom consists of beautiful chandelier lighting and hardwood floors, which can accommodate up to 150 guests. You may choose to dine outside in our visually stunning gardens, which includes a Gazebo for wedding ceremonies with a relaxing sound of water running through our lovely fountains. The Garden may accommodate up to 100 seated guests.    

"Flexibility" is a characteristic which we are proud to offer.  We understand your need to have the perfect event and the planning associated to accomplish it.  
The Century House and Gardens does not enforce a stringent time-frame for your event.  We are well aware and understand that a special event does not always follow the time originally planned, and therefore we are happy to give you the flexibility of coming in earlier to set up or having more reasonable time at the end for your guests to leave.  We offer various menus and packages to ensure that every detail of your event is an exceptional experience. Fremont is a diverse city and we try to meet all our clients' needs by providing chefs that offer ethnic foods from many parts of the world.  We offer Italian, Mexican, Indian, Afghani, and Pakistani catering.  

Our management team is experienced to assist you in planning and meeting your specific budget requirements to ensure that your special event will be everything you expect. 

We have been open for more than 40 years and continue the legacy of providing the best service, affordable prices, and complimentary services that are not offered in other fine establishments!

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